Saturday, December 1, 2018

Revisited: Walled Off (DS)

1 December 2018

Walled Off (DS)” was originally posted on January 24, 2010, close to 9 years ago, when the news outlets were resolved in their efforts to portray China as the poster child for big brother censorship and not above using provocative hyperbole to drive the point home.

The inspiration underpinning this Dream Sequence was evidenced by the standard mainstream media mis-directs intent upon villainizing China for something that was actually being perpetrated worldwide, in every country, without exception - all done with the sneaky speed of a totalitarian tiptoe. The corporation leading this New World Order ‘World Wide Web’ censorship agenda was (and probably still is) Google, under the credo of their former corporate motto, “Don’t be evil.”

So how close to reality were we?

Because freedom of speech has long been considered a basic human right in the Western world, overt totalitarian control of the flow of information worldwide cannot be accomplished without covert cabal maneuvering.

After China overtly blocked social media websites and took steps to restrict citizen access to unabridged information on the World Wide Web within its borders, the mainstream media used the opportunity to make the masses beLIEve that China was somehow violating their constitutional rights with its communist approach to censorship.

It’s been said that the frog is the last one to notice the water. To us that means keep the people distracted with lies and survival, and they’ll be far too busy to notice their environment has been turned against them before it is too late.

Get the people busy with manufactured fear about China’s alleged threat to their freedoms and they’ll never notice when those very same rights and freedoms have been legislated out from under them by the corporations running their own Congress.

Get the people busy scarfing up cheap goods from corporate category killers like Wal-Mart and they’ll never notice how the price reflects the quality, and how cheap imports from a nation with lower manufacturing standards are a profitable way of repurposing toxins and poisonous plastic fillers.

From our perspective, it’s beyond obvious that this tactic for mass distraction knows no bounds and is exclusive to no country.

It’s also pretty obvious that little has changed in the news cycles over the last 9 years for the mainstream is still regurgitating the same stale narrative about China and its ‘threatening’ censorship practices. 

What is almost never mentioned in these narratives, however, is how our national tech companies like Google and Facebook are busy at work enforcing all of this ‘threatening’ totalitarian censorship around the globe on the sly. And it is doing so under someone’s direction and authority.

What we really want to know now is how the American people will cope when they begin to see how they’ve been systematically stripped by a deep state distraction game designed to sideline all vestiges of their first amendment rights with the use of American Alphabet agents?

Which brings us to the deeper question going forward: When we consider that many secret and occult societies running the world as we know it operate under a tenet of deception, where true meanings are derived from opposites, we are compelled to ask the obvious, what is the opposite of “Don’t Be Evil?”
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins. Finding Wings to Fly.
We had a dream……and in that dream we took our need to know to a new level when we initiated a Google internet search on the subject of ‘CHINA’. Given the recent rumblings relative to China’s economic seduction of the international investor heavyweights, it seemed a little prudence and due diligence might be in order before taking our currency on a cruise up the ¥angtze River with the big boys.

Accustomed to receiving an uninhibited flow of information at the speed of now, we were predictably confounded when our Google search yielded nothing but a blank white page. And no matter how many times we hit the ‘refresh’ button and blinked our eyes in disbelief, it was undeniable - a blank page was all we were going to get.
Clearly we’d hit a wall and this raised a big red flag .

What we already knew (without the benefit of a Google search) was that the world at large has long considered the Great Wall of China to be one of the wonders of the world, yet our dream time search results drove us straight into what many are now calling the Great Firewall of China. Erected upon an onerous and non-negotiable platform of cyberspace censorship, evidently this Great Firewall is so towering that China’s own Olympic hurdle jumper, Liu Xiang, isn't even able to make the great leap forward and over the top.

For centuries the old proverb “knowledge is power” has historically encouraged those in the know to wisely acquire (and share) vast knowledge with the promise of power as a dangled payoff. While this belief system may still prove viable, or perhaps produce the necessary credentials for some spheres of influence, the 21st century adaptation of this old philosophy seems to be more akin to “money is power.”

So as we sit back and watch China overtake Japan as the world’s 2nd biggest economy, we can only remind ourselves that information imperialism not only owns our debt, but someone has to keep Wal-Mart in business.

We couldn’t sit back and watch for long, however, because something was rotten in the state of our world close to home. And the stench was so foul, even pinching our nostrils shut proved futile against the pungent sulfuric fumes that reeked of rotten eggs and threatened to overtake us. Frankly, we weren’t sure what smelled worse - the corrosive gases seeping from the toxic drywall lining the walls of our home, or the doggie doo in the backyard laced with remnants of the plastic fillers that had been covertly baked into the dog’s food.

As if the assault on our nose wasn’t bad enough, this dream-now-nightmare directed our eyes to the innumerable infants who were innocently consuming formula mixed from tainted milk powder while snuggled warmly in their highly flammable jumpers. Then on to the toddlers and children who were adorned in dainty jewelry cast out of cadmium while playing in a trance on the floor with toys painted in the vibrant colors only a lead palette can produce. The colors of those toys were almost as brilliant as the countless tubes of lipstick and eye shadow compacts we saw filling bathroom drawers everywhere.

We briefly considered taking a couple of Tylenols for the headache we'd gotten from the toxic drywall fumes, but figured it too was probably made in China.

And then we woke up with a headache and wondered if Confucius ever said, “Don’t be evil.” 

As China continues to shroud its Great Wall in smoke and mirrors while aggressively maximizing short term profits with cheap knock offs and actions that harm humanity and kill healthy competition, we are wont to ask who’s keeping it in business?

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