Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Revisited: Ticker Trade (DS)

3 October 2018

Ticker Trade (DS)” was originally posted on August 7, 2009, over 9 years ago.

The inspiration behind this Dream Sequence came from a news story published at the end of July, 2009 in the New York Times about an FBI arrest of a rabbi in New Jersey who had a reputation for selling kidneys to those who could afford to pay his price, primarily in Israel. The big problem for him was that - and mind you, there were MANY big problems with this scenario on EVERY level - he’d been harvesting those black market kidneys from live American donors in dire financial straits and was nabbed red handed.

The story was clearly an oddity at the time but noteworthy to us, so we intuitively ran with it as we wove our Dream Sequence into reality without fully realizing how close to reality we actually were.

Initially, not much came of the post other than we witnessed the writers for “The Colbert Report” incorporate unique aspects from our Sequence into his monologue a night or two later. The hairs on the back of our necks stood on end when we watched it. We knew.

So how close to reality were we?

Well, the rabbit hole runs deep, much deeper than we suspected ten years ago when we began our out-of-the-ordinary blog as a positive outlet to neutralize the negative news of the world with our perceptive brand of humor.

In the 9 years since we posted Ticker Trade (DS), many layers of unsavory truths have loomed from the shadows for the fail-safes traditionally used to obscure the reality of how our world once worked are swiftly collapsing. Some of these truths are so heinous and unconscionable, it’s difficult for a true human being to comprehend, which often results in disbeLIEf and denial. Many would define this mental blind spot as cognitive dissonance.

One unsavory truth that has come to collective light involves the organ harvesting rat lines and DNA data bases operated by the global deep state cabals and their minions for use in funding Their dark projects and Their illusions of immortality. This sad reality is what underlies our Ticker Trade (DS) post.

In spite of the mainstream’s deceptive narratives and concerted efforts to censor the dark truths rooted in our third density reality, light and transparency will out as our beautiful planet finishes up her big density leap to 4D where nothing can be hidden.

Illumination is no longer an exclusive club. They can hide the truth and Their hollow hearts NO more.

What we really want to know now is how the mass collective will cope with the pending cultural changes when they begin to fully realize whose organs are being harvested, how the harvesting is facilitated and who’s benefiting from it?

And this brings us to the deeper question going forward: What role should money play when it comes to health and healing?
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins
Ticker Trade (DS)
We had a dream……and in that dream we found ourselves hidden in the shadows near a second level banister that offered an unobstructed view of the active trading floor below and a panoramic ticker tape above. The open outcries reverberating from down in the pit were jumbled and chaotic, yet, clearly influenced the ticker symbols as they scrolled along without delay.

First glance led us to believe we were observing a typical work day at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), but something was amiss. The surprising sight of rabbi traders peppered throughout the pit seemed highly unusual.

It was then we noticed the large gold-plated letters affixed to the wall above the trading room floor which read: RED SHIELD ORGAN TRANSPLANT EXCHANGE (ROTEX). The signage was positioned underneath an emblematic logo displaying a golden medical Caduceus centered in the reverse on an ornate Red Shield.

We inaudibly gasped upon realizing we were really somewhere in New Jersey watching an unsanctioned commodities market trade in body parts on the world market.

As the symbols continued their repetitious flow across the ticker, we began to piece the parts together and the first piece belonged to black market capitalism. Heartless profiteering resounded throughout the pit below as kidneys, livers, pancreases, hearts, lungs, eyes, appendages, bones, skin grafts, and even soft tissues were being traded, hedged, arbitraged, forwarded, and futured for obscene under-the-surgical-table profits.

Our dream ticked along as many of the dark secrets surrounding ROTEX and its membership roster were unmasked. Member traders had been covertly cultivated and sponsored by the guts and bowels of health insurance heavyweights, and admittance didn’t come cheap. Although membership proved to be extremely expensive, cost was secondary to the covenant of absolute secrecy, and all members were blood-bound for life to a “Skull and Bones” code of silence.

The rise of ROTEX had naturally spawned the unquestionable need for a highly sophisticated organ matchmaker rating system similar to that of other legitimate commodities markets, and the “Serpent Index” was unrivaled in its ability to grade donor quality, provide organ inventory stats and harvest projections, and rate body part pools for securitizing.

And then we woke up and understood that when it comes down to the business of selling a person’s body parts, society’s moral line seems to be drawn at “if it can’t grow back, it can’t be sold.” However, the indisputable human instinct for survival can sadly provoke those facing serious financial challenges to cross that moral line when desperation dominates, even if it means survival minus a part.

But what we really want to know is did those organ brokers first cut out and trade in their own hearts before turning to profit on the illicit innards of human beings in dire straits?

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