Monday, April 13, 2009

Greed Goes Underground

April Fool’s Day saw G20 delegates from the world’s largest economies converge in London for a common problem-solving objective: how to halt today’s global fiscal freefall and how to resuscitate the complected international financial systems.

As would be expected, every G20 country in attendance brought its particular budgetary agenda to the table, looming world economic collapse aside. These partisan agendas naturally provoked the traditional petty in-fighting over special interests, huffy insinuations of “protectionism”, and an intense desire to place the blame for this financial debacle on some Capital’s doorsteps.

And it seemed many fingers were pointing West, as the chants resounded “Blame America!”

What all the finger pointing failed to recognize, however, was that greed knows no borders.

Just ask the “Financial Fool’s Day” rioters who filled London’s streets, and angrily smashed in windows and ransacked bank lobbies, in protest of unbridled greed and executive bonuses. Or the Somalian pirates who went on a spree during the first week of April and hijacked five more ships - to add to the other dozen they were already holding - in exchange for big ransom money. Or the French employees of 3M who held their manager hostage as protestors burned tires throughout Paris and marched on the presidential palace enraged over executive bonuses and golden parachutes that the rioters themselves would never see as job losses mounted.

The international community didn’t hesitate to jump on the big bull right beside America as it was charging forward, and every wild rider got to partake of the voracious financial windfalls with punch-drunk giddiness. Those intoxicating days have obviously left a very nasty hangover, and many of the international participants who enthusiastically shared in the boon time have tried to cleverly maneuver toward absolution from the sin of greed by confessing innocent ignorance with the assertion that all fault rests with America, America made them do it.

Greed claims itself to be one of the seven deadly sins and even the root of all evil, yet to blame America for the greedy nature of mankind is as absurd as the parents of South Park, Colorado blaming Canada for the bad behavior of their children…even if they did win an Oscar for the song.

Today’s global economic depression has cultivated a “class war” revolution of international proportions. On the surface, the communal revolts seem directed toward eradicating elitism and the redistribution of wealth, but underneath, simmering at the core, is rebellion against narcissism run amok.

The escalating world wide working class resistance of today appears to possess some sort of unspoken consensus intent upon breaking the bonds of mental slavery propagated over time by LAB-Rat (see definition below) governing styles that are utterly disconnected and insulated from what’s really happening on the ground.

A world in chaos, fueled by widespread social turbulence without boundaries, provides a golden opportunity for the financially elite to move their resources and assets around virtually undetected. So where are the financial illuminati’s quietly investing and sheltering their money now?

To resolve the financial crisis like a freebooter, see our ‘Dream Sequence’ December 7, 2008 posting "Who’s Talking Like a Pirate Now?"

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