Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome Aboard! And Don't Forget Your Seatbelts.

Let’s face it. Things are looking pretty scary out there and the media isn’t bringing peace of mind to the world. It’s times like these that make late night comediennes a primary news source for more of the population than CNN may like to admit since humor seems to be the most palatable way for the everyday human to digest it all without falling apart.

This blog is an evolution of more than two decades of lengthy phone conversations (especially given the fact that the two of us haven’t even lived in the same state since the late 80’s and thankfully Verizon has an in-calling plan) about philosophy, current events, the past-the present-the future, and the state of the world at large through the filters of our personal experiences and our independent (and quite unrelated) professional disciplines.

Throughout the decades, we have shared many personal changes of the unusual kind: marriages, children, divorces, deaths, parental challenges, financial duress (including the loss of our 401Ks), and believe our unique interpretations may offer slanted insight and perhaps a different approach to these historic economic times.

What we know about ourselves is that we are risk takers. We are masters of observation and we are visionaries. We are ahead of things in one blink and then stop to scratch our heads because it seems we’ve been left behind in the next. We call that gas and brakes. We have a similar and somewhat dry, twisty sense of humor which has proven essential to our mental and emotional survival. And we believe that most of us do the very best we can each and every day.

We invite you to ride along with us as we give you our visions from the rear view mirror, and of course from the side mirrors on occasion.

The artwork and illustrations published on this website that have been produced and copyrighted by Artist, KA Collins may not be reproduced without the expressed, written permission of the artist and is strictly prohibited. As for the rest of our content, all rights reserved. ©

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