Thursday, October 18, 2018

Revisited: Rise of the Global Republic (DS)

18 October 2018

Rise of The Global Republic (DS)” was originally posted on September 27, 2009, basically 9 years ago.

The inspiration behind this Dream Sequence was hard to miss, especially after that masterful 94-minute performance (and 6 times his allotted 15-minute time slot) given by Libya’s leader and chair for the African Union, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, at the United Nations general assembly on September 23, 2009. It was a derisive focal point of every mainstream media outlet for many days.

Not unlike Sinead O’Connor’s shocking performance on October 3, 1992 when she tore up a picture of the pope on live television, Gaddafi’s diatribe saw him rejecting, among numerous other things, the fakery of the UN charter before vetoing said charter then tearing it up in front of the dazed delegates.

While some of the media opted to outright gaslight Col. Gaddafi for flagrantly opposing the official agenda and not playing by the official rules, many in the mainstream blamed his erratic behavior on lack of sleep.

At the time, we weren’t quite sure why no one would give Col. Gaddafi a safe place to pitch his luxury tent or even a hotel room for that matter. It was reported that Donald Trump had agreed to lease Gaddafi some acreage on his property in Bedford, Connecticut with enough room for his high profile tent, but withdrew the offer last minute for reasons unknown.

To us, all of this seemingly unrelated drama was auspicious, making it ripe for a “Crazy Ivan” with the face of Julius Caesar, the embodiment of ancient Rome, and a 21st century progress report.

The reality this post brings to bear is that ALL roads lead to Rome … From ancient Rome TO Washington D.C. (formerly known as Rome, Maryland) TO the Rome we know today as the Vatican. Even when things don’t appear to be under the influence of Roman rule, we know enough now to know that they are. The imprint is unmistakable.

So how close to reality were we?

The New World Order-One World Government-One World Currency agenda under the mis-direction of the Vatican through its global networks is also unmistakable. All one has to do is research the United Nations’ approval and enforcement of Agenda 2021/Agenda 2030 to recognize that the UN has been one of the premier global organizations used to propel this malevolent NWO agenda forward. Maybe Col. Gaddafi was on to something after all.

Ancient Rome has historically been considered a Republic. Many have said that The United States of America (unincorporated) in its original form is a Republic as well, when, in fact, it is a Federation - a Federation of 50 sovereign states or 50 state Republics, with each state being basically a sovereign nation unto itself.

The sovereignty aspects built into our national structure from the beginning has posed a problem for this centuries old NWO Agenda because any kind of presumed sovereignty is in direct opposition to an enslavement Agenda. Hence the centuries of strategic and fraudulent corporate workarounds that included the hijacking of our financial system, our legal system and our national resources, which included the labor and creativity of WE, THE PEOPLE. And then They lied about our history.

Perhaps it’s time for WE, THE PEOPLE to re-consider what we think we know about the land of our birth and those who have been running it into the bloody ground.

But what we really want to know now is do the seemingly unrelated executions of Col. Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and former President John F. Kennedy in 1963 have something in common?

And this brings us to the deeper question going forward: Will the Vatican be taken out from within, just like Julius Caesar? Et tu, pope?
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins. Goddess of Liberty.
We had a dream……and in that dream we saw Julius Caesar riding into Pittsburgh for the G-20 Summit on his white horse, just about the time Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi was trying to pitch his party tent on The Donald’s Bedford lawn. It took 94 minutes for Caesar to maneuver through the fray of plebeian protestors before triumphantly marching up the civic center steps where the new millennium’s world leaders were assembled en masse under the banner of economy and democracy.

Caesar may have lost a battle or two in his day, but he never lost a war, and his dark age-old debate with Jupiter was no different. None of the gods were surprised to see Jupiter finally acquiesce in allowing Gaius Julius to transcend the millennial span on a dream ride into 2009 A.D. so he could see what remained of his illustrious legacy.

Sitting astride his fine steed 'Toes' in the middle of Pittsburgh, Caesar broadly surveyed his modern day surroundings, took inventory of what old Republic hand-me-downs were still in evidence today, and made a summary assessment of Roman contribution to 21st century operations.

Every direction he surveyed prominently flaunted vestiges of ancient Roman-Greco urban master planning. J.C. found himself surrounded by a forum of modern day government buildings, civic centers offering public gathering places, plenty of holy temples to the gods, sports stadiums modeled after the beloved Coliseum, amphitheatres for the performing arts, parks, and even the standard victory parade route.

Togas were obviously out, and sadly there was not a public bath house in sight. The closest he could get was a 24-Hour Fitness and everyone he saw sweating in the window had their clothes on ... well, sort of. Surprised by the overall plumpness of the populous not sweating at the gym, Caesar thought a vomitorium comeback might not be such a bad idea.

And the month of July? It was still coming around once a year right in time for his birthday.

While he can’t take credit for the Caesar Salad or the lifesaving Caesarean Section (even though he and Queen Cleo did have a son name Caesarion), J.C. was shocked to see that his melting pot blend-n-merge approach to religious doctrinal unification had been cast aside in favor of pronounced civil dissention born out of intolerance and arrogant sect supremacy.

Back in Caesar’s prime time, marriages were simply mergers designed to create corporate-styled alliances for the purpose of growing the family business. He could see little had changed in that arena. As far as strong, powerful women who knew how to rule a kingdom went, few could equal Cleopatra in his experience (and his old buddy Marc Antony could back him up on that one). As far as women knowing their place in a man’s world, it looked as if the campaign for gender equality was still waging on.

Little seems to have changed in the political arena as well. He watched as those G-20 global governments predictably finessed their way through the agenda in the traditional part-democratic, part-oligarchic elitist manner he knew so well. Caesar did, however, find the new Republic’s budgetary crisis a bit intriguing. Perhaps that’s because Rome had ruled for a millennium without ever having a budget. He couldn’t help but laugh though when he heard the familiar high-pitched squeals of the upper classes when the subject of them paying taxes came up, again. Some things just never change.

Gaius Julius Caesar had naturally been born into patrician high society, yet he’d always prided himself on being a populist and man of the people. The Republic of Rome was more important than the individuals it was comprised of, and he was pleased to hear that a contemporary world leader named John F. Kennedy had kept the torch burning when he proclaimed “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

After gloriously expanding Rome’s real estate holdings during the course of an exemplary military career, Caesar could deservedly declare in triumph “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Unfortunately the fateful demise of Julius Caesar didn’t occur on the battlefield as one would expect, but it came shrouded in cowardice from those closest to him. Like the Roman Republic itself, Caesar was taken out from within. Et tu, Brute?

And then we woke up and knew the die had been cast. It seems the world leader crusaders have mobilized a campaign in earnest to defend democracy as the new religion, and internationalism as the new book of doctrine. As the crusaders press on for absolute global conversion, do we need to worry that the new global government will become too big to fail?

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Revisited: Ticker Trade (DS)

3 October 2018

Ticker Trade (DS)” was originally posted on August 7, 2009, over 9 years ago.

The inspiration behind this Dream Sequence came from a news story published at the end of July, 2009 in the New York Times about an FBI arrest of a rabbi in New Jersey who had a reputation for selling kidneys to those who could afford to pay his price, primarily in Israel. The big problem for him was that - and mind you, there were MANY big problems with this scenario on EVERY level - he’d been harvesting those black market kidneys from live American donors in dire financial straits and was nabbed red handed.

The story was clearly an oddity at the time but noteworthy to us, so we intuitively ran with it as we wove our Dream Sequence into reality without fully realizing how close to reality we actually were.

Initially, not much came of the post other than we witnessed the writers for “The Colbert Report” incorporate unique aspects from our Sequence into his monologue a night or two later. The hairs on the back of our necks stood on end when we watched it. We knew.

So how close to reality were we?

Well, the rabbit hole runs deep, much deeper than we suspected ten years ago when we began our out-of-the-ordinary blog as a positive outlet to neutralize the negative news of the world with our perceptive brand of humor.

In the 9 years since we posted Ticker Trade (DS), many layers of unsavory truths have loomed from the shadows for the fail-safes traditionally used to obscure the reality of how our world once worked are swiftly collapsing. Some of these truths are so heinous and unconscionable, it’s difficult for a true human being to comprehend, which often results in disbeLIEf and denial. Many would define this mental blind spot as cognitive dissonance.

One unsavory truth that has come to collective light involves the organ harvesting rat lines and DNA data bases operated by the global deep state cabals and their minions for use in funding Their dark projects and Their illusions of immortality. This sad reality is what underlies our Ticker Trade (DS) post.

In spite of the mainstream’s deceptive narratives and concerted efforts to censor the dark truths rooted in our third density reality, light and transparency will out as our beautiful planet finishes up her big density leap to 4D where nothing can be hidden.

Illumination is no longer an exclusive club. They can hide the truth and Their hollow hearts NO more.

What we really want to know now is how the mass collective will cope with the pending cultural changes when they begin to fully realize whose organs are being harvested, how the harvesting is facilitated and who’s benefiting from it?

And this brings us to the deeper question going forward: What role should money play when it comes to health and healing?
© Copyright by Artist, KAd Collins
Ticker Trade (DS)
We had a dream……and in that dream we found ourselves hidden in the shadows near a second level banister that offered an unobstructed view of the active trading floor below and a panoramic ticker tape above. The open outcries reverberating from down in the pit were jumbled and chaotic, yet, clearly influenced the ticker symbols as they scrolled along without delay.

First glance led us to believe we were observing a typical work day at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), but something was amiss. The surprising sight of rabbi traders peppered throughout the pit seemed highly unusual.

It was then we noticed the large gold-plated letters affixed to the wall above the trading room floor which read: RED SHIELD ORGAN TRANSPLANT EXCHANGE (ROTEX). The signage was positioned underneath an emblematic logo displaying a golden medical Caduceus centered in the reverse on an ornate Red Shield.

We inaudibly gasped upon realizing we were really somewhere in New Jersey watching an unsanctioned commodities market trade in body parts on the world market.

As the symbols continued their repetitious flow across the ticker, we began to piece the parts together and the first piece belonged to black market capitalism. Heartless profiteering resounded throughout the pit below as kidneys, livers, pancreases, hearts, lungs, eyes, appendages, bones, skin grafts, and even soft tissues were being traded, hedged, arbitraged, forwarded, and futured for obscene under-the-surgical-table profits.

Our dream ticked along as many of the dark secrets surrounding ROTEX and its membership roster were unmasked. Member traders had been covertly cultivated and sponsored by the guts and bowels of health insurance heavyweights, and admittance didn’t come cheap. Although membership proved to be extremely expensive, cost was secondary to the covenant of absolute secrecy, and all members were blood-bound for life to a “Skull and Bones” code of silence.

The rise of ROTEX had naturally spawned the unquestionable need for a highly sophisticated organ matchmaker rating system similar to that of other legitimate commodities markets, and the “Serpent Index” was unrivaled in its ability to grade donor quality, provide organ inventory stats and harvest projections, and rate body part pools for securitizing.

And then we woke up and understood that when it comes down to the business of selling a person’s body parts, society’s moral line seems to be drawn at “if it can’t grow back, it can’t be sold.” However, the indisputable human instinct for survival can sadly provoke those facing serious financial challenges to cross that moral line when desperation dominates, even if it means survival minus a part.

But what we really want to know is did those organ brokers first cut out and trade in their own hearts before turning to profit on the illicit innards of human beings in dire straits?

Saturday, September 1, 2018

ITRVM Looks In The Rear View Mirror

Ten years have passed since we made our first post to “In The Rear View Mirror.” We knew we were ahead of it then, we just didn’t know how far ahead of it we were. Nor did we know how deep the rabbit hole went when we stated our objective for writing this blog in the first place: is a creative collaboration between Writer, DK King, and Artist, KAd Collins, designed to deliver a satirical, humorous twist on everyday life and current events in an editorial styled blog.

An ironic parody of the obvious and absurd as seen through collective eyes, our stories are often visionary, and at times even futuristic, with messages scattered throughout in the form of double entendres, metaphors and a between-the-lines symbolism. So you might want to pay attention.

Our narratives are ultimately devised to inspire introspection regarding the many dualities we have interwoven within our present reality. And frankly, some of this stuff is just downright funny. Go ahead, laugh if you want as we drive you along the scenic route while occasionally looking back "In The Rear View Mirror." 

It has come to our attention that many of our Dream Sequences have found some notable basis in our current reality. As promised.

We thought it might be fun now to revisit some of these posts from the past and validate just how relevant they are today. So get ready to ride along with us once again as we give you our perceptions from the rear view mirror …